Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nothing like a good Date Night!

Last night, a large group of us got together for a date night.  It was several married couples, and an semi blind date pairing.  We also, somewhat last minute, invited a single friend out (he was kind of a wing man), so it was a large group of us, out having a ball.

I was excited because it had been a long time since we had gone out as a group.  The plan was dinner and Dave and Busters.  Finally, I had a chance to get all cuted up!

We were going to Pittsburgh, and Hubby was meeting us there after work, so I rode with some of the other friends.  We all met at Bravo in the Waterfront, and had a delicious dinner.  I have been giving Weight Watchers a try (more on that in another post for another day), so I had been saving extra points to be able to have a drink or two, and eat some delicious food.  Hubby was already at the restaurant, along with another couple, when we arrived.
I decided to try to be "somewhat" healthy, so I ordered a dish with shrimp, scallops, tomatoes, and a piece of bread (no pasta, go me!).  I also ordered a glass of white wine, and a white wine flight, which is like a sample of three different wines. 

The meal was delicious.  Then we walked over to Dave and Busters.  I just love the Waterfront, it is really pretty, especially at night.
Once at Dave and Busters, Hubby and I loaded up a players card, and went off to have a ball.  We played some pirate shooter game for like 20 minutes, until the Kraken killed us.  We went off to play all kinds of things, horse races, skee ball, trivia, Guitar Hero, just....everything.
Eventually, we were out of credits, so we went to cash in our tickets.  We got 2 pub glasses and a thermal cup.  Score! 

By this time it was after midnight, and we had an hour to drive home, so we all said our goodbyes for the evening.  We had so much fun, and I am reminded once again how blessed I am to have such a wonderful Hubby, and such great friends.

Thanks J for planning such a fun, much needed night out!