Saturday, July 17, 2010

I need some advice... UPDATED

Ok friends, I am asking for advice and input on this one.

Over a month ago, I was informed that I won a book contest, and won 3 books.  I was super stoked about it, because one of the books was all funny and cute pictures of dogs.  The contest hostess emailed me requesting my address so that she could "pass it along so they could mail the books".  At the time, I never questioned who the "they" in the statement was, figuring maybe it was Book Depository, or some publishing sponsor sending the books.

This week, I realized I still have not received those books.  I emailed the hostess on Tuesday, letting her know, in case they were lost in the mail.  No response.  I emailed her again yesterday, as well as posted to her facebook fan page (where the contest was announced) and still, no response.

I find this to be poor blogger behavior, to sponsor a giveaway, and not mail the prize, or if the winner alerts you that the prize was never received, to not respond to the winner.

I also had a publisher tell me in April that she was sending me a book, and I never got it.  I emailed her in June about it, and no response.  I now no longer even want the book, but again, I find this to be highly unprofessional.

Have any of you ever had similar things happen?  I do not want to seem irrational to this blog hostess, or like I am nagging, but it annoys me that I take the time to read her blog, enter her contest, and let her know I never received the prize, and she can not have the courtesy to email me back.

What would you do/ have you done in this situation?  Should I give it another week, and email her again, perhaps expressing my disheartened feelings, or do I just let it go?

It angers me, because when bloggers do this stuff, it reflects poorly on us all.  I always ALWAYS send my prizes out same or next day from the winner giving me contact info.  I always respond to emails.  Am I in the minority?

How should I handle this?

Update 7/19/10 I heard from the blogger today.  She had been on vacation (I forget sometimes that not everyone is like Hubby and me, and take laptops on vacation to check our email and FB pages tee hee).  She said the publisher is the one sending the books, and she will touch base with them.  So all is good and she is not to blame at all!  I feel better now!