Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Small Town Elements: Rubbernecking

I cannot believe over 100 posts in and I have never told you one of the most famous things about my town. Kittanning is where a large portion of the filming was done for the movie The Mothman Prophecies. That is right, at times, my feet touch the same places Richard Gere's feet touched. Some of the most memorable shots in the movie involve Market Street in Kittanning. This is where the bridge crosses the river, and the street continues up to the courthouse. You see it several times in the movie.
 So when someone calls you and says "Market Street is on fire" it is kind of a big deal.*

For about an hour, Hubby and I were hearing sirens as we tried to watch Mad Men Season 1 (side note, I love that show).  Suddenly, E calls and says that there is something major going down in K town.  So, like any self respecting small town resident, I pull on some shorts, and drag Hubby out to do some rubbernecking.

Sure enough, all of Market Street was blocked off.  We drove around a little, then parked and walked.  And of course, I took some pictures.

Turns out one of the banks on Market Street was on fire.  I do not have many details, because instead of watching the news, I was scouring youtube to get the above shown screenshot from The Mothman Prophecies.  But there were tons of trucks, a huge ladder, and some poor firemen who looked all sooty and smokey.
There was at least 100 townies standing around watching (if not more).  Because that is what you do when it goes down in a small town.

*Tip on the fire courtesy of E. Burkhart.

UPDATE:  Clearly it was the right choice to look for the screenshot and not watch the news.  Here is the link to the whole news story: