Sunday, November 14, 2010

Playing Dress Up- Part 3 (Prohibition Edition)

 Last night I attended one of the most fun community events ever.  Recently, Hubby joined the Elks, and each year, they have an event called Prohibition Night.  Women dress up in flapper clothes and the men wear suits and fedoras.  There is a band, and the old prohibition era speakeasy bar is opened in the basement.  As soon as I learned of it, I demanded we attend, and we started looking for our outfits.  I even tried to do accurate era style make up and hair.  The finger waved hair did not turn out as well as I hoped, but I loved the make up, though it was a tad bit draggish.

 Overall, I think we looked like a prohibition era mobster and moll.  In fact, when Hubby went to the bathroom, some drunk guy asked if he was carrying a gun, because he looked like he should be.  The effect was successful I guess.

The dance started at 8, and we got to listen to the most amazing band.  I really wanted to dance but, well, fake eyelashes, high heals, and a skimpy dress all convinced me dancing would be disastrous.  So instead I sat in my chair and did some chair dancing that entertained the people at our table.

At 9, the action had to stop, with a "pronouncement" that alcohol was illegal in town, and the bar had to shut down.  Lots of boos resounded, but they encouraged us to stay on, enjoy the band, and perhaps sneak into the basement speakeasy.  So that is exactly what we did.  We went over to the door of the basement, and the doorman asked us for the password.  We did not know it, so he suggested we go learn it from a friend.  We asked around, got the password, and gained access.

Downstairs, they had a small speakeasy bar set up, selling drinks including moonshine.  I figured, I went as far as to get all dressed up, why not get really authentic.
I have only two words to describe the taste: liquid fire.  It then struck me as a good time to pose for some pictures.
There were some pool tables downstairs, as well as a craps table, with the game in full swing.

Not much for gambling, we headed back up to enjoy the music and watch the dancing.

People looked so authentic, and everyone was having a great time.

We had such a blast, but we were getting sleepy, and we heard a rumor that Judge Graff was in attendance, and might be sending the coppers to raid the joint, so we decided to head home.

All in all, we had a really fun night, and I think I look fabulous in Hubby's fedora.