Saturday, November 13, 2010

Small Town Elements: High School Football

In high school, I loved football season, because I was in the band.  For the first 3 years, I was just a standard, clarinet playing band geek, but my senior year I shot up the coolness chart when I made the dance line (thats me on the far lower right of that picture).  My senior year, our football team was decent, going 9-1 or something like that.  The year after I graduated, we made it to the playoffs.

This year, my nephew is a sophomore in high school, also in the band (he plays drums).  He has the awesome experience of the football team being undefeated for the first time in something like 37 years.  They also won their first two playoff games, and next week, the team competes for the regional championship.  I have never been so proud to be a Bridgeport Bulldog as I am right now.

I find it ironic that a local team, the Ford City Sabers, also had an undefeated season, and won their first two playoff games.

Best of luck to my Bulldogs and to my local team, the Ford City Sabers, in their next games.  Show them who is boss!