Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Explorations: Penn's Colony

Sunday, after sleeping in and having a lazy morning, Hubby and I decided it was way too gorgeous outside to not take advantage of the day, so we struck out for historic Saxonburg, to go to Penn's Colony, a colonial folk art festival.  I was not sure we would enjoy it, and even said to Hubby, if this sucks, we can turn back.  When we were greeted by the parking attendants who looked like this:
Hubby said "Oh yeah, we are totally doing this."

So we park, pay our admission price, and into the woods we go.  It was pretty amazing.  I mean, there were standard craft booths, with standard craft wares,

but then, there were much more traditional colonial type goods, like handmade goods, and people in period dress making things on site.

There were military drills in a field, and recreations of military encampments.

There were all kinds of unique vendors with really clever names, like this one:

and artisans selling really unique goods.

There were some games for kids, horse drawn carriage rides, and even some goats to pet.

But the absolutely best part of the whole thing was the food vendors.  Some of them were standard fair food dressed up in colonial titles and names, which was really clever,
and then some were more traditional colonial type foods, like, oh why not, whole turkey legs,

Hubby also wanted to partake in the entertainment, which was a nice little trio playing Celtic music.  It was really nice, and Hubby even sang along a little.

During the time we were there, I mentioned to Hubby how different this was from what we had done the day before (PodCamp), and how both were pretty nerdy, and how much I loved that we enjoyed both of them.  I love that we are big dorks, equally at home at a tech convention and a colonial arts fest.  I say we are well rounded.  I can not imagine any other man not only putting up with my interests but also sharing and relishing them.  Yet another reason I love Hubby so much.