Monday, November 15, 2010

Cartoons By Hubby: The Gender of Bananas

The backstory:  Last night, Hubby and I were eating a snack, and afterwards, I was still hungry.  I said I was going to have a banana, because they were sitting on the counter, tempting me like the trampy little vixens that they are.  Hubby then declared that bananas are masculine, not feminine, and that everyone know this.  When I asked why he thought this, he indicated the phallic nature of their shape.  I in turn noted that the curve of a banana could also resemble the curve of a female bosom, and therefore the banana was feminine, and not masculine.  He declared this flawed logic.

Earlier that night, we had been discussing potential titles for a project Hubby is working on, so I ended our current discussion by saying Hubby should name said project "The Gender of Bananas, and Other Things I Ponder".  He said this was a bad idea, as it might attract the wrong kind of attention.

And then today, he sent me this cartoon.

There is something really wrong with us.