Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Out of Town: The Wisp

I have decided to write another series involving things from trips out of town. This is my first installment.
Hubby and I do not do big vacations. No beaches, no amusement parks, nothing like that. We are, however, fond of taking short trips within a half-day's travel, which is what led us to decide to head to Deep Creek, Maryland, for days leading up to my birthday.

We found a place online called the Wisp Resort. Because this was the off season, we got a really great rate for a 3 night/4 day stay, and we were able to take the dog, so I was stoked. I am always a little leery about places I find online, and you can never rely on the reviews you find, so all we could to was hope for the best.

I have to say, I was so excited when we pulled in to the parking lot. The place looked absolutely beautiful. Surrounded by mountains that would be perfect for skiing, the resort included a lodge, spa, mountain activities, water activities, a golf course, and a restaurant. I could not wait to see what the place was like.

We got all checked in, and went up to the room. I was very pleased with what I found.

Our room was fantastic. Clean and cozy, complete with 2 t.v.s, a couch, a fold out table, and a mini fridge. We got all settled in, and took a look around.

We walked around the main building, then into the lodge, which was connected. We found that there was a pool and hot tub, in addition to an exercise room. I knew that if I did not get any exercise in during the course of the trip, I could get it in at the resort.

We decided that we wanted to eat, so we went to the resort restaurant. It was amazingly cool looking.

We went in, and had a fabulous meal, complete with some delicious desserts.

Afterward, we went upstairs to rest, then we went swimming and soaked in the hot tub. This became our nightly ritual, and I must say I loved every minute of it. There was nothing as wonderful as ending my day snuggled up to Hubby in a hot tub.

The very best thing about the Wisp Resort was the fact that it was pet friendly. Dexter was able to enjoy our vacation with us, and it made the trip all that much more enjoyable for me. He had a great time, and all the people in the resort fawned all over him. Dex loved being able to snuggle on the bed with us after breakfast, before we headed out for the day's activities.

From what I understand, there are tons of activities at the resort during peak seasons, and they are preparing to make some improvements to the place.

Regardless, we had a fantastic time, we would recommend this place to any pet owner looking to go to Deep Creek Lake, and I feel certain we will be staying there again sometime.