Monday, June 28, 2010

The soothing sounds of my car?

This is what my car looks like.  For 3 years, I leased her, and in April, Hubby and I decided to go ahead and buy her, so we went to a local dealer and got the financing all set up.  I love my little car, she has never failed me.  Once we decided to buy her, I decided to name her, since both of Hubby's cars have names.  I settled on Hyacinth.  Seriously, I really love my little car.

Which is exactly why, last week, I was extremely concerned when it sounded like I had a waterfall behind by dashboard.  It sloshed and sloshed all around.  Still, everything seemed to be ok, so when E, J, and I made plans to go to lunch, I offered E a ride.  Immediately we heard the sloshing, only now, it seemed worse.  We went to lunch, and I tried to look up possible problems on my phone's web browser.  I must have been doing something wrong, because, although I live in Western Pennsylvania, I kept getting search results for San Diego auto repair.  Finally, I texted Hubby to explain what was going on, and he reassured me it was probably nothing. 

When lunch ended E and I got back in the car, and I started her up.  I turned on the air conditioning, because it was really humid, and E shrieked that water was flowing onto her foot.  I quickly turned off the AC, which seemed to help, but there was no denying something was not right at this point.  I was worried about Hyacinth, I mean, she is no Ford F-150, but she is typically a tough gal.  Water also poured onto my feet as well, so as soon as I got home, I called the dealer's service center.  I explained to the man in the service center what was going on.  Other than the watery sounds, the car seemed fine, I mean, the AC was still working, the check engine light was not on, the temperature gauge was normal.  He set an appointment for me to drop off Hyacinth today.

E kindly offered to give me a ride home after dropping the car off, so I went to buy her breakfast, and then we did a little shopping.  Less than two hours after dropping the car off, the auto shop called me to say she was all better!  Apparently, the AC drain tubes were clogged with dirt, and that was causing the condensation and water to build up behind the dash and leak onto the floor.  So, E drove me over to pick up the car, and I happily drove her home.

I am so glad Hyacinth is better, and I no longer hear waterfalls inside my car!