Sunday, July 24, 2011

Out of Town: Erie Frogs

If you remember my posts about our trip to Erie in April, you may remember I mentioned the Erie Frogs.  In 2004, The Lake Erie Art Project was named Leap Frog, and consisted of fiberglass frog statues being created and decorated by artists, then placed in different Erie locations.  This was a follow up project to the 2001 Go Fish project, which was of course fish statues.

This is the kind of thing Hubby and I adore, so imagine our excitement when we realized that there was a multistage geocache involving the frogs.  Unfortunately the April snow was not conducive to doing it, so we determined we would return to Erie sometime to complete the cache.  On July 4th, that opportunity arose.

The way the cache is set up, you go to a location, find the frog, answer a question about the frog that results in a number, and plug that number into the correct spot in the coordinate for the final cache.  So, we got up early, packed up the dogs, and headed to the first frog, which is one we had seen on our previous trip.


Some of the frogs were in kind of bad shape, but remember they have been out in the elements for 7 years or so now.  We still had quite a blast finding them all.  

Hubby thinks this one looks like the offspring of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.


Towards the end of the frog hunting, we were getting a little punchy, as you can see.

But finally, we found all the frogs to get the final coordinate. It took less than 2 hours, and was really fun. We plugged the final coordinate in and headed to the final cache location. Unfortunately, when we got there, we saw a big sign that said NO PETS. With it being hot out, I was not going to leave the dogs in the car alone, so I stayed in the car while Hubby went to the final cache location, which was very fitting according to the theme, but that is all I will reveal!

Since Erie is so close, I am sure we will visit again, and I plan on doing more frog hunting.  With over 100 statues, I am sure it will not prove difficult.  

Some people go to the beach during summer, some people go to amusement parks.  Us, we go see odd or unique things in towns and cities nearby.  And I love it.

To see all the pictures I took on our frog hunt, click here.