Saturday, June 19, 2010

What a week it has been!

What a week it has been.  I am not sure if it is the hot weather or what, but I have had very little patience this week.

It started on Monday, when I went to the dentist.  There was a temp hygienist working, some older woman, who decided to use some electronic cleaning tool in my mouth.  This tool was evil, it looked and felt like a tattoo gun in my mouth, as if she were not cleaning my teeth but instead tattooing me new ones.  She kept gouging my gums, lips, and tongue, and within 5 minutes of the cleaning starting, I had a mouth full of blood, and tears in my eyes.  It hurt so bad, I walked out and rescheduled with a new hygienist.  Worst part was, instead of apologizing, the woman just got defensive.

The Tuesday night we had this little episode, where I walked out of a meeting because someone was being disrespectful, and would not allow me to finish a sentence.

And then, we top it off yesterday by some woman picking a fight with my friend and I in the parking lot of Red Lobster.  Let me explain.  I met L and her boys for lunch at Red Lobster.  We had a great time, it was so good to see them, since the last time I saw them was in the winter.  So, with two boys under 5, things can sometimes take a little longer.  When we walked out to leave, I told L I would walk over to her car to say goodbye.  We were getting the boys into the car and strapped into car seats when a car pulls up, as if to pull into the empty spot right next to ours.  Now mind you, there was another spot one car over, why she could not choose that one, who knows.  She instead sat there, rudely complaining that we were taking to long.  I closed the car door on the passenger side, and pressed my body against the car, so that she could go ahead and pull in.  Instead, she continues to sit there and complain, through her open windows.  So I jokingly say to L, I know my butt is big, but I am pretty sure she could pull in past me.  Well, the woman then whips her car into the spot, and her daughter, who looks to be all of 15, jumps out and says, "next time, try not disrespecting yourself that way, it is degrading in a woman of your age".  I was like, oh no she didn't.  My response was, "you have no idea what my age is, and do NOT tell me how to talk in reference to myself.  Please, mind your own business".  The woman then gets out of the car, and they go over to A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT RESTAURANT WHICH HAS ITS OWN PARKING LOT.  But then the woman comes back, and starts running her mouth to L and says she is writing down her license plate number, in case anything happens to her car.  With out batting an eye, I pull out my snarky side and say, well you may want to get mine too, I am on the opposite side of the lot. 

The woman just keeps at it, and L finally asked why she didn't park in the correct lot, and the woman says "I am handicapped, I wanted to park closer".  Um, no handicapped placard, sticker, or license plate was in or on her car.  And furthermore, the other restaurant had 5 handicapped spots right up front.  She keeps it up, and I finally threaten to call the cops because she is harassing us.  THEN the woman tells me that she is trying to defend me from myself, since she is "also a big woman" and does not want me to speak about myself that way.  Um, what?  She then tells me to take it as a compliment.  Ok whackadoo, what ever you say, just get out of my face and stop wasting my time.  Finally, L shares some choice words with her, the woman throws a little more of a tantrum, and walks away.

I was speechless.  What in the world is WRONG with people?  All this over a parking space, when she could clearly see we were trying to get two little ones into the car.  And who asked their opinion on my self deprecating humor?  Look, I know I am not a thin woman, but this woman was CRAZY, and I can always lose weight. 

OK, that is it, enough ranting and negativity.  This is not who I am and not who I want to be, but I had to just share these ridiculous experiences.

All is not lost however, I won 4 books this week, had 4 authors approach me for reviews, was appointed secretary at the committee meeting last night, and today I get to walk to raise money for the Kittanning Library.  So, this week, the good far outweighed.  And even the negative experiences served as a blessing.  And I hope, for you, they served as entertainment!