Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Explorations: The Library

I know that the library may not seem terribly exciting or exploration worth, but the whole point of this series is to get me to check out things in my town and surrounding areas that I have not checked out before. And no self respecting book reviewer can be caught without a library card, I go.

Since I live in Kittanning, I decided the Kittanning branch of the Armstrong County Libraries made the most sense. So, I checked the hours on their website, and arrived exactly 4 minutes after the library opened. I walked in, and one of the librarians asked me if I needed help. I explained that I needed a card, so she hooked me up. While I was at the desk, I noticed a large basket that was being raffled off, and commented on how pretty it was. The librarian mentioned how much their budget had been cut, and this was a fund raiser, and her power of suggestion worked. I bought a ticket straight away. She then pointed out the different sections of the library and mentioned that the new release books are actually rentals, with a minimal charge, to promote fast turnaround time (probably also helps with the budget cuts). I decided since it was my first visit, I would make it short, and only take out a small number of books. In 17 minutes, I found 6 books (what a dork I am) and was ready to check out. I should point out I have been home an hour and already finished one of the books.

So, now that I have a library card, I also have access to some pretty cool community events. One that I am most interested in is a cookbook club, where the library displays a cookbook, you pick a recipe and make it to bring in to the club meeting on the fourth Friday of each month. I have a feeling I may explore this in the future!

I am also pretty stoked that the library is having a used book sale April 16-17. As if I do not have enough books to read and review already right? Sigh, it's not easy being a nerd.