Monday, June 28, 2010

Out of Town: Columbus Ohio

You may have noticed that I did not post this past weekend.  That is because Hubby, Dexter, and I took a trip to Columbus, Ohio, to visit my brother Dennis, and his partner Paul.  They live in a cute little townhouse with their two whippets, Seamus and Una.  I had not gotten to see their new place, so we decided it was high time we took a visit.

We struck out early Saturday morning, and got in to Columbus just a little after 10:30 am.  We spent some time visiting and catching up, than headed to a part of town called German Village.  We at lunch at the cutest little deli called Katzingers.  So many interesting things to see in there, and the food was so yummy!  Then, we went to a little piece of heaven on earth for book nerds like me, The Book Loft, a book store with 32 rooms.  I showed great restrain, getting just 5 books and 3 book marks.  On the way back to the townhouse, I got to introduce Denny and Paul to the wonder of Rita's Ice.  There was one right by their place, but they had not tried it.  Needless to day, they are hooked!

We relaxed for a bit, and let the doggies play.  We discussed plans for dinner, and finally settled on a place that they referred to as "Old People and Fish".  They could not remember the actual name, just that it was a good seafood place, and the old people loved it.  Each time we mentioned the place, the name got changed a little, until finally I just started calling it Old Man and the Sea.  When we went to dinner, I saw what they meant, it was a cute little nautical themed place, but we were the youngest there by a good 30 years.  We all had some yum yum yummy seafood, then went home to relax.

Paul and I had big plans for glamour shots (that will be a whole separate entry) but we wanted some time to think of our creative direction, so we all watched Grey Gardens, the movie based on the documentary of the same name.  It was awesome.  Then Paul and I got to work, while Hubby and Denny watched another movie.  After picture time, we went to bed.

Sunday, we ate some breakfast and then made plans to go to a local market, called The Fresh Market, and there were so many yummy things there, lots of unusual candy, and I was quite taken with the spices.  I finally settled on some sushi for lunch, Hubby got a turkey panini. We ate lunch, visited a bit more, then started out for home.

Before we came home, though, we stopped at my Mom and Dad's house for dinner with them, and my sister's family.  My parents are both excellent cooks, it was where I got my skills from, and dinner was delicious chipotle chicken kabobs, a yummy black bean salsa, celery salad, and rice.  And my mom made the BEST cake for dessert, I do not want to give away the secret because I will probably make one soon.  So, we got back on the road a few hours later, full and happy.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend of visiting with my family.  What a lucky girl I am.