Monday, April 11, 2011

Dan's Dawgs and Donuts- A Review

For weeks now, Hubby and I have been driving by the site that was becoming Dan's Dawgs and Donuts.  We would check the progress of construction, and look at the cute sign.  So imagine my surprise when one of my Facebook friends posted that the establishment was now open.  I needed to investigate.


I arrived at the store, and saw notices saying due to public demand, they had opened early, but that some construction and staff training was still in progress, so please be patient.  I was not sure what to expect, but what I got was pure awesomeness.


First thing I noticed was the small arcade.  As far as I know, there is nothing like this currently in Kittanning, so this was pretty cool.  In addition to some games, there was an air hockey table.  Then I noticed a door to a mini golf course.



YOWZA!  Blacklight mini golf.  Sweet, yeah, K-town definitely does not have anything like this.  I was already pretty impressed with the place.


The next thing I noticed was the clean, and very spacious dining area.  There was a lot of seating, and that combined with the food and games would make this an ideal place for a small child's birthday party.  I took a look around, and snapped a few pictures.


The staff was so friendly, I decided I had to try a hot dog, so as not to appear a creeper.  Ahem.  So, I ordered the mini dog, for 79 cents.  They have a really good menu, several different kinds of dogs, as well as some additional sandwiches and snacks.  Each dog or sandwich can also be purchased as a combo, with fries and a drink.  All in all, I think the menu looks really great.


As I waited for my dog to get done, I snuck a peak at the donuts.  Not a huge variety, but remember, the place is still settling in, having opened early.  And they do have a coffee and donut special, perfect for your morning commute.


Finally, my mini dog was ready.  Doesn't this look delicious?  And since it was a mini dog, half the size of a regular, it did not use up too many WW points.  It made for a nice little lunch. And while I am not much of a hot dog person, this was truly delicious. Next time, I will try something more unusual, like the jalapeño dog.

All in all, I think this place is fantastic.  If it was this awesome while "still under construction and training" and am sure the business is going to succeed, and only get better and better.

So go, try it, have a hot dog.  Meanwhile, I am granting Dan's Dawgs and Donuts my highest possible rating:
harkle hounds