Saturday, November 9, 2013

In Ten Years

Write the About page for your blog in 10 years.

IMG_4842 I am not going to play by the rules with this prompt.  Because I hope in ten years, this blog is defunct.

In ten years, I hope I will have a reason to have my own grown up webpage, perhaps with a blog component, instead of my old reliable Blogger account.  Guys, if I am still using Blogger in 10 years, I give you permission to stage an intervention.

In ten years, I hope I will be writing books, as opposed to blog posts.

In ten years, I hope to be living in a completely different place, but I have no real limits to where that may be. Not California.  Probably.  But you never know.

In ten years, I hope that my photography skills (and equipment) have improved, but still anticipate I will still call myself an amateur shutterbug.

In ten years, I hope that we have tried a hundred different hobbies, and have trouble narrowing them down.

Right now, my profile tagline is "Housewife, book nerd, fan girl, awesome person. " In ten years, I will still be bookworm, a fan girl, and an all around awesome person.  I will not, however, be just a housewife.  Because, in all reality, I am not "just" a housewife now.  I am so much more.  Maybe in ten years I will own that.

So basically, I cannot really write my future "about" section.

Because in ten years, I hope to be more than words can contain.

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