Monday, November 4, 2013

The Doctor Is In!

Tell us about a favorite character from film, theater, or literature, with whom you’d like to have a heart-to-heart. What would you talk about?

On the one hand, this is an incredibly easy question to answer.  As the dutiful Whovian fangirl that I am, I of course would chose to speak with The Doctor.

Tiffany has to pick a favorite character Can't chose which incarnation of The DOCTOR she loves most | Doctor Who Addict

Now comes the hard part.  Do I have to chose just one incarnation of The Doctor, and if so, how can I possibly choose?  That is like asking someone to pick their favorite kind of cheesecake.  The correct answer is, obviously, all of them.  But, if I had to pick one single incarnation for The Doctor, I would pick Ten.

Why would I pick Ten?  Scottish accent, fabulous hair, great fashion sense, fabulous hair, that mischievous smile, did I mention the hair?  And when he puts those glasses on, well, he could read me the Scottish phone directory while eating a haggis sandwich and I would ask for an encore.

Tiffany chose me? Well, I mean, have you seen my hair? |  Doctor Who

So, now that I picked the Who (pun totally intended), I must explain the why.  The Doctor has a dark, mysterious past, one about which that I would love to learn a little more.  He is strong, but sentimental, so clearly he is a complex man.  I want to talk to him about the worlds he has seen, all through time and space, and ask him what is the one thing I can do to insure that Earth, in my lifetime, will become a better place.

I love that the Doctor does not condone the use of guns, but let's be clear- he is no pushover.  He is constantly having to decide who must be sacrificed for the greater good.  How does one manage to stay sane with such pressure.  Does he ever wish he could just walk away from it all?

The Doctor is constantly changing the outcome of  points in time that are not fixed, meaning unable to be changed.  If fixed points in time were no issue, what is the one thing he would go back and change, without a second thought to the consequences?

Throughout his existence, The Doctor has had numerous companions, most human, but not all.  Which of his companions has been his favorite, and why?

But the most important question any girl can ask The Doctor, of course it.... can I come with you?

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