Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cartoons by Hubby- Dachshund Choir

Dachshund Choir
"I pissed a river and pooped a log"

Backstory: Over the weekend, while driving through Maryland, Hubby asked me "Do you remember the time you took Dexter out to potty and I asked how he did, and your response was he peed a river and pooped a log?" to which I answered yes (potty training pet parents talk about these things, don't judge me). He then said "Is it wrong that I made up a Gospel type song about that?". Oh my word. I then made him sing it to me. All I can say is wow. I then (no joke) apologized to Jesus, then thought about it some more and said, hey your sense of humor was a gift from God, so he must have a sense of humor too. After that, we broke into the song multiple times on the trip (again, don't judge me). So this morning, I woke up to find this adorable dachshund choir singing praise in my kitchen. Enjoy. I sure do.