Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Feast or famine

I have talked a lot about my attempts to lose weight, and I had a very successful summer.  But once I hit my second weight loss goal, I stalled out.  I did not lose a single pound in the month of October.  With the holidays coming up, I began to feel very anxious about how I would handle weight loss around all those delicious foods.  So, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I have offered to cook a healthy Thanksgiving dinner for my entire family.  My parents, siblings, their families, and one of their friends will all be traveling to my home next week to celebrate the day with us.  I am ridiculously excited, and a tiny bit nervous.  With several of us in the family attempting to either lose weight or improve health, this really does make a lot of sense.  But I do not want to deprive anyone of their favorites, so we are compromising.  We are only eliminating a couple of dishes, one that hardly anyone eats (green bean casserole) and one that is not needed with all the other starches (home made noodles).  I am making low points versions of stuffing, and instead of roasting a whole turkey just doing turkey breasts.  However, for those not watching so closely, my dad is doing a deep fried turkey.  I will also be doing a small pan of traditional yams for those who prefer, but have a healthy alternative for the rest of us.  There will be low calorie mashed potatoes and gravy, Mom is making cranberries, I have several veggies on the menu, and there will even be some healthy desserts.

I am excited to cook a holiday meal for my family for the first time, and being in control of the menu makes me feel a little better about staying on track with my weight loss goals.  It is hard to keep myself on track without being the food police to everyone else, so I hope I do a sufficient job of balancing the two.  Only time will tell I suppose.  I am totally committed to my goals, but I am even more committed to having a wonderful day with my family.