Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tiffany Trivia: When I am Bored

Sometimes, people do odd things when they are bored or their hands are idle.  Some people fidget, some people bite their nails, some people crack their knuckles.  Well, I braid.  Specifically, I braid my hair.


I taught myself to braid hair when I was little; I had one of those Cabbage Patch kids with silky hair, and I just kept trying and trying until I got it right.  I was always a lot better at braiding my own hair than braiding someone else's.  It came in handy during junior high, when I was a cheerleader and french braids were the preferred hairstyle.

I rarely, and by rarely I mean never, wear my hair in a french braid in public.  But at home it is not uncommon for me to start braiding my hair and not really realize it.  Often I do it while watching t.v. or reading, as if my hands need to find a way to stay busy.  Hubby will walk in the room and say, "are you braiding your hair?" then shake his head.  I think he fears I will soon be suggesting we get a sisterwife or something.