Monday, December 12, 2011

Meet Betty Draper

Well, it finally happened.  I joined the masses of iPhone users late last week.
Note: this picture was taken with Hubby's Android.
 Because I could not use my iPhone to take a picture of my iPhone.

 In keeping with our household traditions of naming inanimate objects, I have finally settled on a name for her:  Betty.  As in Betty Draper.
Pretty amazing namesake.

I never really planned on becoming an iPhone user, I was perfectly content with my Android.  Then, after the Bathtub Tragedy of 2011 (never forget...) I started having an unusual issue.  Whenever any iPhone user would send a mass text message (which accounts for about 75% of the texts I get from my friends) it would come through blank for me.  It got really old asking the people to resend the texts just to my stupid phone.  It reminded me of way back when people first started texting, and you had to make sure your phones were compatible.

One day, my friends Erin and Jen were texting between the 3 of us trying to coordinate a time to meet up.  And since they both have  iPhones, every single message was blank.  It was highly inconvenient.  I decided to start phone shopping, and found another Android I really liked, but there was no guarantee it would fix the text issue.

After much debate and discussion with my anti-Apple Hubby, we came to a consensus that I would give the iPhone a try.  And guess what..... I love it.  It takes some getting used to, and some things do not function as well as my Android, but, well....



it takes pictures that turn out like this.  So, yeah, I am pretty much sold.