Sunday, February 26, 2012

Best Friend

Posted by Von Battle

When I was still in school, I worked for my dad in his law office. One year he hired a young secretary from Dothan, Alabama. She had moved to the big city to find true love believe it or not. We became best friends after a period of time. She was just three years older than me but we really did have a lot in common. We used to go everywhere together. When I graduated from college, we even went on a three week trip to Europe. So much happened on that trip, but we were young and crazy. I am pretty sure we will never tell our children about it. When we got back from Europe, I went on to law school and my friend fell in love with the man of her dreams. Before I knew it, she had married him and moved to Memphis. We have kept in touch all these years since she moved, and she invited me to come visit a few weeks ago. We are both so much older now and even have grandchildren. We went on a shopping trip one day and out to lunch. When we finally returned to her home we were both just worn out. Gone were our nights of partying till dawn. That night the most we could muster was watching an old movie on Direct TV Memphis. At least that was one thing we could still share and enjoy…even at our age.