Wednesday, March 20, 2013

35 Day Project: Sharing the prize

On Sunday (the day the project kicked off, which I find to be less than coincidental) I got some very exciting news.  My friend and fellow Pittsburgh social media maven Sue contacted me to let me know I had won a contest on her blog.  She had two tickets to the Tuesday night show of the Pittsburgh Opera's production of Madama Butterfly.  As soon as the contest had been announced, I relentlessly entered every single way offered (daily tweets, blog comments, etc.).  It was pretty clear I wanted to win.  And, as it turned out, my tenacity paid off, because I did indeed win the tickets.  I was pretty over the moon.


The show would begin at 7.  I knew that it was unlikely Steve would want to, or be able to go with me, so I asked him if I minded if I shared the prize with a friend.  Another fabulous Pittsburgh woman, Becky, had entered to win the tickets as well.  Becky is, in short, awesome.  She is a hard working mother of two, she is training for the Pittsburgh half marathon, she is a weight loss champ, and she is just a good person.  I felt like she deserved to have a night of operatic magic.

So, my act of kindness yesterday was that I shared my prize, and invited Becky to go with me.  We met after she was done working, and sat in some amazing seats for 3 hours of sheer brilliance.

As we were talking, Becky mentioned that she had mentioned the contest to her husband, and he, like my husband, seemed less than interested in attending.  So, in the end, it all worked out.  My act of kindness to Becky was a night at the opera, and my act of kindness to our husbands was a night NOT at the opera.