Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do You Remember....your Senior Prom?

Hair, nails, tulle, jewels, limos, flowers, picture.....am I reflecting on my wedding day again? No, rest assured I am not. Its prom season. I see all the young girls flouncing out of the tanning salons in town, looking like Jersey Shore rejects, and shake my head thinking, was I ever like that?

Sadly, dear friends, I was. I attended 3 proms when I was in high school, each more important that the previous (in my mind). But Senior Prom, well, Senior Prom was the highlight of my high school social scene. It was the last hurrah before graduation, when old arguments were mended (on the surface) and summer romances were started, all in the name of enjoying our last few days as peers, before we scattered to our respective colleges like petals in the wind.

At my high school, we were served dinner at the Prom, so we all ate together, then the dance, then we had an After Prom Party, usually a lock in. For my Senior Prom, we were at a different location than years past for the dinner and dance, and honestly, I do not remember most of it. My senior year was not the greatest for me, and I was just ready to move on. So, I do not remember the food, or the dancing, or even the theme, but what I do remember is how beautiful I felt.

Prom, in my opinion, is an excuse for girls to practice for their wedding day. So much effort goes into finding the right dress, getting the perfectly matching shoes and jewelry, getting hair and nails done, making sure your tan is perfect, fussing over flowers, pictures, and everyone wants a limo. Me, I wanted to look pretty, and feel special, but I also wanted to be cost effective. No surprise that same theme was echoed for my actual wedding I guess. So, I found a dress when visiting relatives out of state, and it needed some minor repairs, so we got a huge discount, it was like $70. I got inexpensive shoes, and jewelry. I did tan and get my hair done, but both were reasonable. My mom sold Mary Kay at the time, so she did my make up and nails. And I am pretty sure we rode to the dance in my date's father's pickup truck. All in all, I looked exactly the way I hoped, without spending a fortune, which was important since I paid for it all myself with my wages from Ponderosa (what a glamorous job).

I really did not enjoy the Prom, but it is one of those things that everyone says you have to do, it is a high school tradition, so we did it. The After Prom Party was more fun I thought, it was a lock in at the YMCA put on by parents. Usually everyone then went to the lake, but my parents were too strict to let me go, which I did not mind, because it kept me out of trouble.

So, what do you remember from your Senior Prom?

I remember I thought I looked like a princess.
One last thing....if anyone finds my stick thin high school body shape, could you please return it to me as soon as possible? Many thanks!