Sunday, May 23, 2010

Explorations: Crooked Creek

Today, I took advantage of the beautiful weather, and the fact that Hubby and my Daddy were doing home improvements work, and took the dog out for some exploring at Crooked Creek Park, past Ford City. It was a great day for it, but it was still a little muddy from yesterday's deluge.

I was sad that the Tunnel Beach area does not allow dogs, so we could not get out there, and had to settle for taking pic from the car, but Dex and I got to explore other areas, and even got to play in the water in the Outflow area. He met some other dogs and got to play, so he was happy as a lark. I got some exercise and some awesome pictures, so I was too.

My only regret, that I could not take Dexter to Pitzers for some wings.

Enjoy the pictures of my exploration!