Monday, May 24, 2010

Home improvements- Part I

The floor in my dining room was crap. I mean CRAP. Hardwood, yes, but beat up, missing chunks, discolored, paint splattered, from the minute we moved in. It looked awful, but what with moving two people in the house, then finishing the wedding planning, then the wedding, then the thank yous, then holidays, then the snopacalypse of 2009-2010, we just were not able to make it a priority.

So, since we got that nice first time homebuyer tax break, Hubby and I agreed that first order of business- new dining room floor.

We settled on laminate, and between 11 am yesterday and 2 pm today, my Daddy and Hubby put the floor in. And here are the absolutely perfect and gorgeous results:

Click the picture to see it bigger and get the full effect. It is breathtaking, it is like a whole new room. I can not wait to go buy special cleaner for it and make it shine!

Thank you Daddy and Hubby for making me a very happy housewife!