Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cartoons By Hubby: Red Velvet


"I was hoping for chocolate peanut butter, but at least it's better than raspberry cheesecake."

Backstory:  In the area that we live, the gas station/ convenience store/ late night food outlet of choice is Sheetz.  Their food, while overpriced, is somewhat addictive.  Hubby particularly loves their donuts.  And a few weeks ago, he was over the moon to find out the next limited edition donut was going to be chocolate peanut butter.  The man loves anything peanut butter flavored.  If I found peanut butter flavored mushrooms, he might even love those, and the man HATES mushrooms.  So, needless to say, the upcoming flavor made him happy.  And he, foolishly I guess, assumed that the new flavor would start at the beginning of the new month.  So, March 1 rolls around, and into Sheetz he trots, only to have his hopes dashed.  The special flavor is still the one from February, which is red velvet.  Now, he does not mind red velvet, but it is no chocolate peanut butter.

He was disgusted at Sheetz flagrant disregard for the will of the customers.  I explained, perhaps they need to sell the stock of red velvet before they can move on.  His solution was to give the extra red velvet donuts to, and I quote, "the widows and orphans."  I laughed at how old fashioned that sounded, and suggested he get them some molasses, sorghum, and horehound candy as well.

So, when, on March 2nd, the red velvet donuts were still at Sheetz, he said, "looks like the orphans get to have red crumble on their porridge for another night'.  And that is what is depicted in his cartoon.

We have terribly odd senses of humor.