Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Word Filled Wednesday: Who?


Psalms 147:8 Who covereth the heaven with clouds, who prepareth rain for the earth, who maketh grass to grow upon the mountains.

I think, very timidly think, we may be heading for Spring.  Yippee.  It would appear as though all the snow from our last big storm is almost gone, and March seems to have come in like a lamb.  Fitting, as it is The Lamb whom we will be focusing on soon enough, with the Lenten season fast approaching.

I personally love Lent.  It is such a glorious time to reflect upon He who is responsible for our lives.  Not only did God give us our lives in a physical sense, He also gave us spiritual life in the form of Jesus.  What a glorious gift indeed.  Catholics believe that during communion, the wafer and wine literally become the body and blood of Jesus.  The first time you receive communion is a great celebration, as it is then that you affirm the baptismal promises your parents made for you as an infant.  It is an opportunity to choose Jesus, and declare him Lord.  I made my first communion on my birthday, and what makes a better birthday present that Jesus?  Several times, my birthday has also fallen on Easter Sunday.  Once again, a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the gift of salvation in the form of Jesus.  But also, let us reflect on God the Father, as it is He who gave us this miraculous gift.

So today, go outside, look at the beauty of the earth.  And thank Him who gave it to you.