Sunday, May 23, 2010

I blame Barbie

I am a total sucker for things that "magically" change color. It started in childhood, and continues today. You want to sell me a product? Make it a quick color change artist, and I will buy 2, especially if there is a dachshund pictured on the packaging, then I might buy 3, but I digress. Seriously, color change cool aid, mood rings, Michael Jackson (what, too soon?). It changes color and I am SOLD. P.T. Barnum had me pegged. But where does all this color change magic madness stem from?

I blame that tart, Barbie.

You see, as a kid, I had one of those Barbie heads. You know, those large ones, that look like some one decapitated a Real Housewife of Orange County?

I need my alimony check to buy more botox!

Well, somewhere along my childhood path, I had one of those, and if you swiped a sponge with warm water over her face, her make up magically appeared. And she was instantly better, prettier, praise-worthy. So, change, especially magic color change, is good, that is the lesson I learned. Also probably why by 5th grade I was wearing full make up, foundation and all, usually better than most of my teachers, but I digress again.

In early high school, color change became all the rage in the form of clothing called HyperColor. Basically, your shirt would change color based on body heat, which was awesome, and also prevent the boys from getting too handsy.

That handprint is a little high there mister quarterback.

I loved them so much, I had 2. Of course. And I thought I was the coolest kid in town.

Well nowadays, I am too old for toys, and clothes are for mostly worn for comfort not hipness, so I needed something new to fulfill my color change needs. Enter.....KABOOM!

Billy Mays would have been so proud of me.

Kaboom Foam-tastic shower cleaner sprays on blue and -are you ready for it- turns white when it's clean. WOO HOO. I do not even have to think with this stuff, it pretty much does the work for me. I spray it on, and it comes out a lovely periwinkle color, and within minutes, the foam is white, I wipe it off, and the tub and shower are dazzlingly clean. No scrubbing, no fumes, it is AWESOME. I knew I wanted it as soon as I saw it on t.v. but we had a problem finding it. We finally found some at Target, and I of course had Hubby get 2. Incidentally he calls it Captain Kabooms foaming Smurf Putty.

I just used it for the second time, and my shower looks wonderful. And once again, I am left feeling better about myself, all because of a color change product.

So, here I am feeling better about myself, and it all stems from Barbie. Darn it. Oh well, I still say she is a tart.