Saturday, May 22, 2010

Food, Friends, and Fashion!

Who among us does not get sick of seeing the same old clothes in our closet, or who among us does not have a tub or two (or in my case about ten) full of clothes in various sizes that we swear we will some day fit in to, because they are just too darn cute to part with? Well last night I took part something that was the perfect solution- a clothing swap!

The premise was pretty simple, the woman in charge invited a few of her friends, and gave them the green light to invite a few of their friends, but the idea was to keep it somewhat small, since this was the first time trying it. Each person was supposed to bring 15 or more items of clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories, or housewares to swap. The women were all different sizes, which meant a variety of sizes would be available. (I took some clothes from when I was much much thinner, knowing that by the time I would fit into them again, they may not be as much in style).

When I arrived with my friend J, who had been the one who invited me (thank you so much by the way!!!) the location was decorated so cute, in the color scheme of black, white, and hot pink.

There were all kinds of refreshments, and we had plenty of time to set all of our stuff out according to size, then browse the other items.
There was lots of time to eat, drink, and socialize, during which I met the nicest set of sisters, they were both so funny and warm, we talked like old friends!

When it came time to start the swap, everyone's name was thrown in to a container, and first choice of item was luck of the draw. You will never guess who got first pick- ME! I picked this adorable pink Prada purse!

We went through everyone twice, so that everyone got to carefully select 2 items, and then, it became a free for all scavenge. It was all very civilized still, but just look at all the great stuff I came home with! It also made me so happy to see my unused clothing going to some great ladies.

All the clothes and other items that were not selected are being donated to Goodwill, so everyone wins.

I know a lot of ladies and mommies recently started reading my blog, and I would encourage you to consider organizing a swap, either of your own clothes, maternity clothes, or kids clothes. It helps you save money, it is a creative green solution, and everyone walks away with something new.

As I write this, I am wearing one of my "new" shirts, and feeling like a whole new woman!