Saturday, May 1, 2010

It Made My Day: Chasing Boys

I think I have told you about my neighbor who likes to have parties. Well a lot of the neighborhood people who attend have kids, so usually the kids congregate at someone else's house while the grown ups go drink around the bon fire. It sometimes irks me, because it appears there is no adult supervision over these kids while these parties go on, but as long as nothing happens to or on my property, I guess it is none of my business.

Anyway, last night, at 11 pm Hubby and I went to bed. He went to sleep right away, I was reading a little before lights out. Suddenly, we heard such a commotion outside out window, obviously male voices, that I literally thought someone was being hurt. I said to Hubby, who was now awake, "Gosh and gee willikers, what in tarnation was that" or something along those lines. We both scrambled to find our robes, and flew downstairs. I tore out the front door, and found three little girls playing in the street.

Immediately, one little girl turned and her hand flew to her mouth in horror. "Oh no, did we wake you up?" she said. I explained that yes, we had been woken up. She was so apologetic, and I explained that we did not know what was going on. She said, with an impish grin, "Oh, I will tell you what was going on. We were chasing boys."

The honesty with which she told me this, as if making me a co-conspirator, immediately melted all anger and frustration from my heart. I giggled, as did she and the other two girls, and I said "well just try to keep it down a little". They all apologized, and I told them goodnight, and they returned the sentiment.

I guess it is better that these kids were outside playing, chasing boys, even unsupervised, then sitting in front of a t.v. or gaming system. Moments like this are what childhood is all about.

So go ahead girls, chase those boys. It made my day.