Sunday, May 2, 2010

If I Won the Lottery

I never play the lottery. But if I did, and I won, I know exactly what I would do with the money. I would buy a house.

Actually, I would buy two houses.

First, I would pay off the mortgage on our home. And we would keep it. At least for a while. It is our first home, it is where we spent out wedding night. I would not be ready to let go of it just yet. Maybe I would eventually rent it out, or sell it to some friends of ours should the get married and be in the market for a house. But I would not want to put it on the market, for any ole person to buy. I really do love our house. I love so many things about it, but I especially love that it is ours.

That being said, if I won said lottery, and paid the aforementioned mortgage off, I would then buy another house. Specifically, I would buy this house:

From what I was able to find out, which was precious little, this is the Truvy-Greenbaum-Gavran house, built in 1854. It sits on beautiful and historic Water Street, just up from St. John's Episcopal Church, where we were married. The outside of the house is all that I have seen in person, but I do know there is a charming carriage house in the back of the property.
It breaks my heart that since the day I moved to Kittanning last summer, this house has been for sale. It has recently changed realty companies, and now there are tons of pictures posted on the new realty site. I can finally get a glimpse into the house, and let me tell you, I am positively in love with this house. It could quite possibly be my dream home. Take a look at these bedrooms:
And the other interiors are gorgeous....
but my two favorite things about the inside are the kitchen.....
(imagine the things I could cook in there!)

and the bookshelves.....
(the book nerd in me is positively salivating right now)

So, there you have it, my dream home is right here in my town, just a few blocks away. As I said, I never play the lottery, but that does not mean Hubby can't. And if ever, one day, the good will faieries want to send a little something my way, I would be happy to accept this house and my dwelling.

But in the mean time, I will setting into my couch, with the three loves of my life, Hubby, Dex, and Nora, and feel complete peace and joy that no matter where my house is, with them, my heart is home.