Saturday, July 24, 2010

Team Hubby

Sigh. I have been debating whether or not I should write this since I left the theater last night. I know I run the risk of invoking the wrath of millions of teenage girls and housewives everywhere. Let me start by saying, I do not hate Twilight. I am not anti-Twilight. I simply do not get it.

Last night, I convinced Hubby to go see Eclipse.  Midway through the movie, I had a lengthy text conversation with a friend who was having a mini crisis about wedding planning.  I was not being rude, as I was in the back, and the theater was almost empty.  Also, I was bored out of my mind.  

I really tried to like the whole Twilight phenomenon.  I really really did.  I read the first book, and it was ok, good enough to get me to read the second.  I stopped after the second one.  I just could not get into all that angst and brooding.  Then we went to saw the first movie.  Again, just not that into it, but still, we watched New Moon.  And we actually sort of liked it.  Enough that I could convince Hubby to go to a late showing of Eclipse last night.  But we both were so bored until about 20 minutes before the movie was over.

I guess I can see the appeal for some women, but for me personally, I just do not get it.  I will never be Team Edward OR Team Jacob.  Because I am Team Hubby.  My Hubby may not sparkle (thank God) and his clothes do not explode off of his body (most of the time) but he is everything that I could ever need or want in to way of love, romance, tenderness, and sex appeal.

Women swoon over Edward, and his pain filled love of Bella.  But Hubby, he is what makes me swoon.  He loves me and supports my choices, and encourages me to grow as a person.  He makes me laugh, he teaches me new things, and he loves me just as I am.  Also, his initial attraction to me had nothing to do with him wanting to suck my blood and kill me, so, bonus points for that.

So all this talk about lions and lambs, well, I am not going to criticize it, or make fun of it.  To each his, or her, own.  What ever makes you happy, I say, enjoy it.

But I could care less whether the lion fell in love with the lamb.  I am more interested in the political nerd falling in love with the book geek.

I am TEAM HUBBY.  All the way.

team hubby

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