Sunday, September 12, 2010

Do you remember....Trick or Treating?

I know it seems a little early for thinking about tricks or treats, and Halloween costumes, but when the air starts to get a little nippy, I can't help but think about October 31st.

As a child, Halloween was my favorite holiday.  It was the one day that I could be someone else for a day, and get rewarded for it.  I could pretend to be someone prettier than I was, or someone uglier than I was, someone evil, or saintly, funny, or frightening, just someone completely different from everyday, plain old Tiffany.  When I was a kid, there were not a ton of big box retailed selling cheaply made costumes for outrageous prices, and my parents both worked, so there was not a lot of time to spend on home made costumes, so we went to a small shop not far from our house that sold stuff.

It was is the home of a woman named Peggy Tomer, and gosh golly gee did I look forward to taking a trip to Peggy Tomer's.  I thought her place was the bees knees, there was so much cool stuff in there, make up kits, fake blood, fancy costume sets, all kids of stuff.  She also sold spooky decorations, but we did not need those, because we had plenty of things that my parents had made, including a ceramic haunted house that was my favorite decoration for Halloween.  So, we would look up and down the racks and display's at Peggy's shop, and my parents and I would come to some kind of agreement on my Halloween costume.  One year, I was a crayon, one year, a clown with full face paint.  One year, my grandma made me a poodle skirt, and I was a bobbie soxer.

We never did a lot of actual trick or treating since I lived in a somewhat rural area, where neighbors were spread out.  Instead, my parents drove us to see neighbors, relatives, and people from church.  Occasionally, we might go to a friend's neighborhood to get some goodies as well.

As an adult, I got away from the Halloween tradition.  I was never one to go to bars, so I never went out on the holiday.  I had a boss once who had a party, so I dressed up like a goddess once.  Spent tons of money on a costume, and stayed out for like, 2 hours.

 So, when Hubby and I started dating, I was excited to learn that our friends, the B's, have an annual Halloween party.  The first year we went, we were newly dating, so we were tame.  We went as Johnny Cash and June Carter.

Last year, it was just a couple of weeks after our wedding, so we decided to dress as something more, um, "mature".   I was Cherry Pie.  Hubby was....the Pie Eating Champ.

I have yet to figure out what we will be dressing as this year, any suggestions?  I like couple costumes, and would prefer not to spend a ton of money.

Because I lived in apartment buildings after I moved out of my parent's house, I never had trick or treaters.  Last year, the first year we were in the house, was our first time for trick or treaters, they were so adorable, and so polite too!  I can't wait for this year.

So, tell me, what do you love or hate about Halloween?  Favorite past costume?  Best Halloween treat?