Friday, October 29, 2010

Ten Days

Ten days.  It will be approximately ten days until Hubby has to return to work.  He is on vacation.  We are planning on using the time to work on redecorating our bathroom, and prepare the house for my family's Thanksgiving visit.  I love spending time with Hubby, but he jokes that we will be sick of each other by the time these ten days are over.  Judging by how our dinner conversation went, he may be right.

I was relating to him how my nephew went to the Olive Garden with his girlfriend and her family to celebrate her birthday last night.  Hubby mentioned how he feels bad that the Olive Garden gets a bad rap.

Me: I call shenanigans.  You always complain about having to eat at the Olive Garden.  You say, and I quote, no good meal is ever partaken at the Olive Garden.

Him: I have never said any such thing, I love the Olive Garden, it is my favorite.

Me: You are so full of it, you can take your Olive Garden and shove it up your olive behind.

Him:  I don't know what that means.

Me: Oh, you will.  Let's just say, there is a reason there are olives in a dirty martini.

Him: What are you talking about, you just made that term up, dirty martini, there is no such thing.

Me: Yes, it is a way of ordering a drink, haven't you ever heard someone order a martini extra dirty?

Him: What, like in a cartoon?.......TEN DAYS!

Lord help me.

I mean I love you Hubby!