Friday, November 19, 2010

Home Improvements- Part IV

I really do have the home improvement bug now!  The next project I tackled was the dining room.  For months now, really ever since our Ice Cream Social, my dining room, has been filled with clutter.  So I knew I needed to give it a really good cleaning before my family comes for Thanksgiving.  But I also wanted to liven it up a bit.  Nothing too major, because I really love the color of the walls already, and no need for new furniture or anything.  I want to get roman blinds for the whole house, but that is not in the budget right now.  However, with a little help of my creativity and a great sale at the Hobby Lobby, I was able to come up with an wonderful theme for my dining room, one that sums up Hubby and me pretty perfectly:  LOVE

I got tons of cute wall hangings that go with the theme, and reused a few I already had.

The one corner is really cute, and functional.  It is where we keep all the pet supplies, as well as a bookcase.  So I spruced it up quite nicely.

But my absolute favorite this was what I did over our little bar.  I got a great deal on one of those vinyl lettering sets.  I was so nervous to use it, but it was a breeze, and it looks amazing.  I added another wall hanging to set it off.

I even got some of those cool decorative balls to sit out, and used my awesome Pampered Chef trifle bowl to display them.

I am really proud of how it turned out.  I had everything done by the time Hubby got home from work, so he was totally surprised, and really impressed.  Of the things I bought to redo the room, I did not pay full price for a single thing.  Now that is some smart shopping!

Wonder what I will tackle next?