Friday, December 10, 2010

May your days be merry, and bright...

Hands down, my absolute favorite Christmas movie is the 1954 classic White Christmas.  Heck, it is pretty much my favorite movie regardless of genre.  I can remember many a sweltering July day as a youngster where I would be inside watching our VHS tape of the movie.  I had the entire movie pretty much memorized by the time I was 8, and I still know all the words to almost all of the songs.  In fact, over Thanksgiving weekend, my brother and I broke into the "Sisters" song.

 Based on this movie, as a little girl I desperately wanted to marry a man just like Bing Crosby.

By the time I was in high school, my love for old movies had really grown, and I learned that the precursor to White Christmas was the movie Holiday Inn, for which the song White Christmas was written.  I love that movie as well, and much of the music and themes carry over to White Christmas, sometimes in very subtle ways.  But White Christmas will always be my favorite.  It had now been made into a stage show, which I want to see almost as badly as I want to see the Nutcracker.  Actually, probably more, now that I think of it.

Despite my recent bursts of holiday spirit, I have been less than motivated about putting up our Christmas tree this year.  In part I am concerned how our dog will react, in part I like the house as it is, and in part I do not want the hassle.  So, tonight, to whip my butt into more festive shape, I am watching White Christmas, which Hubby got me for Christmas last year on DVD.

So, my hope is, by the time this weekend is over, the tree will be up, I will be in full holiday mode, and we will have watched White Christmas at least two more times.  The only thing that would make me happier would be an actual white Christmas.

In the mean time, I will settle for this...