Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thank you for Stuffing my Car for Stuff a Bus!

As you all should know my now, I started a little campaign a few weeks ago called Stuff My Car.  It was a toy drive as part of the bigger Stuff a Bus for Toys for Tots in Pittsburgh, championed by the wonderful people at 96.1 KISS FM.  Well, thanks to some awesome people, today, I got to make magic happen.  And I have to say right up front, I did not do it alone.  I had a ton of toys donated by my family and friends, who are amazingly generous people.

The plan was I would put all my toy donations in my car, then meet my friend Kacy in Monroeville to get her donations to put in my car.  We would then present all the donations together to the Stuff a Bus team.  Well, I put my toys in my car, and as awesome as it was, I wanted to do more.  I know, I know, I am the person who will spend my last dime on someone else.  It is just how my mama raised me.  I did the same thing last year.

So, true to my word, on my way out of town, I stopped for some last minute toys.  A cartfull actually.  Well worth it too.  Because after that, my car was plumb full.

 I then drive to Monroeville to meet Kacy.

Once Kacy got there, we put all her donations in my car.  At this point, she would not fit in the car, nor could I see out the back window, so she walked over to the Stuff a Bus area, and I carefully drove the car over.  They had me pull right up to the buses, took one look at how many toys I had, and declared it enough to consider Bus #11 full.  When today started, they were on Bus #5 or 6.  Then, I backed my car up so the Marines and other volunteers could unload the car and put the toys into the giant 18 wheeler trucks they use for storage.  How awesome is this!

Everyone thanked us for coming out and for the donations, but really the thanks does not go to just me.  The thanks goes to all the following people as well:

Kacy and Mama Cottage and Chris Jursa for being my partners in crime
Darla and Tony Niekro
Kim and Rob Vitale and family
Dennis Niekro and Paul Richmond
Erin Trithart and Jason Burkett
Jennifer and Mike Baker and family
Melissa and Randy Cloak and family
Jess and Kirk Atwood
Rhonda Kibuk
Justin Bendl and Lora Merrit
and of course my loving and supportive husband Steve who agreed to the whole idea in the first place!

So, THANK YOU everyone who contributed!  And as I say in one of the videos, if you wanted to help but did not have a chance, please, donate to your local Toys for Tots, or some other toy drive.  Or another charity in need this holiday season.  Or just do something kind for someone you know.

I can not wait to see what we are able to do next year!  Stuff 2 cars perhaps?

Oh yeah, and by the time I got done typing this blog and posting the pics and videos?  They were stuffing Bus #16.  I love you Pittsburgh.