Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It Made My Day: Care Package

Today, for the second time this month, I got a little care package from my mom.  Often she will send me healthy snacks that I might not be able to find at my local stores, and that is what she did earlier this month.  But imagine my surprise when I opened the door today to find another care package from Mom!

I could not wait to open it up!  But first, I had to make note of the adorable address labels Mom had!

Unable to wait any longer, I opened it up.....


ooooh this looks promising!


Happy Spring!


Oh my goodness I could barely wait to try this!  The packet also contained a book Mom had told me she was going to give me, with some helpful health info in it!  YAY!

I took some time to call Mom and thank her for the surprise.  Then after we chatted for a bit, I of course had to go try out my new bath stuff!  It smells heavenly!

Thanks again Mom, for the care package.  It totally made my day!