Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Small Town Elements: Country Roads

Not only do I currently live in a small town, but I was also born and raised in a small town in Ohio.  When I was a kid, before we had air conditioning, and before cable reached my township, one of our favorite ways to keep cool and enjoy some nice family entertainment was to go for a car ride.  We lived in a somewhat rural area, with sprawling county roads just waiting to lead you all through the hills.  I loved going for rides, and as an adult, I love it even more.

Since being bitten by the photography bug, I find myself going out more and more, exploring the roads of my county and neighboring counties.  And one never knows what one will find when venturing down a new road.  Yesterday, I ran errands, and stopped on my way home for gas.  I saw a sign for a nature sanctuary, which we had tried to check out once before by did not get out of the car.  It was clearly calling me.

After parking my car, I got out to investigate.  And by investigate, I mean hike in the freezing cold.  But.... it was totally worth it.

I did not stay long, half an hour at most, because, well, it was freezing cold, and so muddy that I slipped and got mud all over my jeans, but..... yeah, still worth it.


After this I wanted to head home, but, once again, I decided to venture down country roads, instead of taking the highway.  The greatest thing about driving on random country roads?  You never know what you might stumble upon.


You can see more pictures from yesterday's country road excursion here.

Oh and, can you believe this is my 300th post?

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