Monday, March 28, 2011

Tiffany's Soapbox: Let little girls be little girls

Sexualizing children is nothing new. But it never ceases to be highly troublesome to me.  Back when Britney Spears first started sexing things up, I found it uncomfortable that little girls were emulating her overt sexuality.  What ever happened to little girls looking like little girls, and not tramps in training? The same effect can be seen with the millions of Mylie fans.  I get that these "music artists" (I use the term lightly) are trying to break out of their little girl molds, and be taken seriously, but when you pander to the pre-pubescent market for years, then suddenly go all spongebob slut pants, little girls are still going to be looking up to you, following your lead.  The result is a bunch of girls, too young to even be considered tweens, who start to think their body is the only way to catch a person's attention.

I remember a while ago, when a youtube video surfaced of a dance troup of 7 year old girls gyrating to All The Single Ladies.  There was public outcry that the dancing was too sexual, but many are defending it, saying that is just how dance competitions are.  Should dance competitions be encouracing little girls to grind their hips, while wearing fishnet stockings and barely more than a bikini? The world is full of very sick and twisted people, and I think it is frighteningly easy for these little girls to get exploited.  That video is a prime example.  To locate it, I googled "controversial little girls dance".  There it was, first listing, but there were others of girls dancing, as well as videos of so many people saying, it was just taken out of context.  I say, change the context.

The list goes on and on for me.  Little girls painted up in beauty pageants.  Revealing Halloween costumes for little girls.  Sexy clothes for pint sized fashionistas.  It scares me.

The latest thing to spark controversy is the fact that Abercrombie and Fitch is now pitching padded and push up bikini's for the 7 year old set.  Is it any wonder girls have so many body issues?  Is it any wonder eating disorders, cutting, and teen pregnancies are starting younger and younger?

While in all these cases, the girls may not be doing anything wrong, you have to, as a parent, be concerned with how others will perceive the girls. These are children, helpless to defend themselves from potential pedophiles.

Why be in such a hurry for your little girl to grow up? The world can be a scary place, why not keep her innocent for as long as you can?