Monday, March 7, 2011

What a lucky wifey I am!

I guess my giant cupcake made quite an impression, because Friday, Hubby came home with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers for me.  I love flowers, and he usually surprises me with some every couple of months.

It helps me feel like I have a little piece of Spring in my house, which is good because it snowed yesterday (boooo).  But even with the rain and snow that bombarded us all weekend, I could not be in a bad mood.  I mean, could you look at this

Without smiling?

As part of my New Years goals, I started a new "picture a day" project on 365. With Hubby's help, I focused on the flowers for yesterday's photo (which is really a collage).

She Loves Me on 365 Project

I think one of the reasons Hubby and I are so compatible is we really appreciate all the things we do for each other, even the small things.  I love the fact that he helps me with my pictures, and encourages this hobby.  Just one of the many many reasons I love him with all my heart.

(if you want to see the rest of my 365 project, go here.  it is fun, I encourage you all to sign up and do your own!)