Monday, March 7, 2011

Toys for Grown Ups

Recently, I have really been getting into photography.  We got a really nice point and shoot camera last fall, and it reminded me why I love taking pictures so much.  With the encouragement of several friends and family members, I decided to take a photography class.  It is just an intro class with the local adult education program, but I am really loving it, and my pictures are certainly improving.

So, as I get more into photography, I find myself wanting to invest in additional equipment.  I take pictures every day, and different cameras can add some variety, as well as improve my skills.  So, after much consideration, I got another camera on ebay a few weeks ago.

Camera Collage

I have to admit, I am still a little intimidated by the camera and the various lenses and filters that came with it.  I really need to sit down and read the manual.

And if that was not exciting enough, Hubby bought me a Galaxy tablet.  It is like an iPad, only with the Android operating system and applications.  I adore it!  It can function as an ereader, plus I have access to the internet, social media, and email.  Plus, well, it is just cool and fun to play with.  As you can see, it is bigger than my phone, but smaller than a laptop or even a netbook.


So, yeah, I am still pretty spoiled.