Saturday, March 5, 2011

Old Haunts

A few weeks ago, Hubby and I made a little trip to my old neighborhood, in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.  The Borders bookstore in that neighborhood is closing, so we decided to go down for the sale.  We ended up making an afternoon of it, and visiting some of my favorite places.

First, we stopped at what I still consider to be the area's best coffee shop, The Coffee Tree.  It has several locations, none of which ever disappoint.  Since it was a warm day, we went for frozen mochas, with coconut flavoring.  One of the reasons I love the place so much is because they have coconut flavor, not many places do, and it is my favorite!

After that, we headed on to Borders.  The line was crazy the minute we walked in.  So many people... too bad they did not shop there before, perhaps the store would have stayed open.  I shopped at this store a lot when I lived down in the South Hills.  We spent a good hour looking around, and finding some completely ridiculous merchandise.

In the end however, I did get some great deals.  You know me, always a bookworm.

In fact, after Borders, we hit up the Half Price Books, because we are equal opportunity nerds ya'll.  We left there with another bag full of books and video games.  As we were leaving, I saw one of the most clever gift cards...

I would love to get one of those for my birthday next month.  Ahem.

Finally, we ended the day by getting take out from my favorite pizza place in the whole wide world.

I used to live right up the hill from this place, and ordered from there all the time.  Ironically, I rarely got their pizza.  My standard order, which is what we got to take home to Kittanning, was a philly cheesesteak hoagie, and breadsticks with ranch dressing.  While we waited for my order, we watched them making pizza.

When our order was done, we drove all the way home, smelling the deliciousness.  I could hardly wait to eat it, and it did not disappoint, though I did notice I could not eat as much as I used to, same with Hubby.  We spread our take out over 3 days!  Guess our stomachs have shrunk.

Hubby often asks me if I miss living down there.  While I do miss some of these places, and the convenience of living closer to the city, I can honestly say, I do not miss my life down there, or living down there.  While going back for the visit was fun, I am perfectly content with my perfect small town life.