Sunday, June 12, 2011

Out of Town: Class of 2011

Wow, it's graduation time again.  All around us, high schools and colleges are going through graduation ceremonies.  Yesterday, I attended the most important of them all.


After lots of sleepless nights, clinical rotations, tests and papers, my brother Dennis has graduated from Ohio State with a Masters degree, as a nurse practitioner.  I can't even explain how proud I am.

Yesterday, my entire family went to Columbus to attend my brother's convocation with the College of Nursing from OSU.  The large graduation ceremony was held today, but it was just not practical for us all to attend that ceremony, which would last several hours, so we all attended the convocation instead.

As the graduates started filing in, to the swell of Pomp and Circumstance, I could not help but tear up a little.  Seeing the pride, joy, relief, and emotion written on their faces was simply incredible.  Watching the faculty and staff file in, and express their honor for being a part of the students lives was heartwarming.

Unfortunately, the lighting in the facility was pretty terrible, so my pictures are limited, and we got separated in the thronging crowd after, so I had to borrow a couple of my sister's pictures of my brother in his cap and gown.



After the ceremony, we got to spend some quality time with my brother and Paul. We all visited, and even went for a walk to get a nice refreshing treat for Rita's.

Then that evening there was a joint party being held for my brother and his friend from the program, Kate. We had met Kate when she came to our home for Thanksgiving, so it was great to see her again.

The party was held at an Indian Restaurant, so the food was delicious. I could not help but take pictures of it, because it was so gorgeous.


Sadly, we had to leave before the party was over, because we had a 4 hour drive back to Kittanning. We had driven 8 hours round trip yesterday, so by the time we had gotten home we were pretty beat. But you know what.... it was totally worth it.

I love you Denny, I am so proud of you!