Thursday, November 25, 2010

This Thanksgiving

I learned a tremendous amount of information during this Thanksgiving.  Having my family come and visit me was a tremendous experience, and cooking for my family was so fun and rewarding.  The food turned out amazingly delicious, and we had so much food!  Three kinds of turkey, two kinds of stuffing, two kinds of sweet potatoes, two kinds of cranberries, mashed potatoes, two kinds of rolls, green beans, corn, honey glazed carrots, and several kinds of pie, plus my low calorie crisp.

So, among the things I learned this Thanksgiving were:

Peeling and cutting raw yams/sweet potatoes are a pain in the butt.  They are also completely worth it.  We had both fresh and canned.  I did not touch the canned.  The fresh were so delicious, they needed very little seasoning.  Save your marshmallows, I just found my new sweet potato recipe.

I tend to overcook.  That menu that I listed above?  Yeah, that was for 11 people.  It was about 20 pounds of turkey alone.  That is almost 2 pounds per person.  We had no room on the tables.  We  tore that food up though.  I mean, we still have leftovers, but, we certainly did me proud.

I learned that my sister is a Black Friday fanatic.  She makes lists, has maps of stores, analyzes the store fliers,    for goodness sake, she was even weighing her purses to see which one would better fit her strategy.  She stores water and nutrition bars in her purse to keep her going on her shopping endeavors.  She knows how to work it like no other.

Party games are never more fun than with my family.  We played one of our favorites, a game called Things.   Things got kind of naughty pretty quickly, with several new words entering the family lexicon.  I will spare you, but if you really want to know, read my tweets.

My dog is needier than I ever imagined.  Seriously.  That is all I can say about that.

Having a guest for Thanksgiving is one of the greatest blessings ever.  My brother brought one of his fellow nursing students with him.  Her name is Kate, and she is from California.  Because of school, she did not have time to travel to CA for the holiday, so she came here instead.  She fit right in, and added merriment to the party.

The phrase "that's what she said" can never be uttered too many times in one night.  It will always be funny.

My family is incredibly giving and generous.  They all brought toys for Stuff My Car.  They are amazing.  Seriously.  I love them beyond all measure.

So, these are some of the things that I learned over this holiday.  I learned that I am blessed beyond belief.