Saturday, May 29, 2010

It Made My Day- Livin Aint Illegal

So, I am about to reveal a dirty little secret to you. I. Love. Lady. Gaga. Is she weird? Yeppers. Is she outrageous? Most definitely. Is she suitable for children. Probably not. But me, I love that Monster! I think she is so talented, and unique, a true artist and visionary. Hubby has been a self professed hater, saying terrible things about her. That is, until he went on vacation this week. And being stuck in a house with me for the last 8 days, well, he walks around humming Bad Romance and Paparazzi. We even sing it to our dog (who LOVES it). I run around the house doing Bad Romance dance moves.

Tonight, because Hubby spent the majority of the day helping his mom, we had no dinner prepared. So we decided to hit up the Micky D's. We were dressed in ridiculous working around the house clothes, so we looked like a hot hot mess. And we turned down the window, and sang, yes, sang, Lady Gaga songs, as we rolled through K-town in our ultra cool super pimp Chevy Cobalt. The sandy colored one, I have to clarify because we are SO pimp we own two. And then, the dancing started.

AND THEN.....Flo Rida's low came on my Pandora. And all heck broke loose. I was dancing, Hubby was dancing, it was nothing short of amazing.

So, if Kittanning had cameras installed on the light posts the way some cities did, or if the Golden Arches actually monitored the drive thru via camera, this is what they would have seen.....two chubby white 30 somethings dancing in their car to Flo Rida. It. Was. Awesome.

After we got our food, the singing and dancing continued, and we even took to yelling out the car windows. Hello, Hubby and I are apparently 16 again.

As we drove toward home, I said, any minute a cop is going to start following us. And Hubby's too cool for school response:

Let em. Livin ain't illegal.

Good lord I love this man. When I met him, there is no way in creation he would have ever cut loose and acted a fool like this. But with me, he does. Because we are in love, and we bring out the best in each other.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading about our ridiculous tomfoolery. Because I enjoyed engaging in it. So much so, that it made my day.

If you ever roll through K-town and spot us driving along, getting our groove on, smile, and dance along with us.