Sunday, May 30, 2010

Home improvements- Part II

So, after Pappy (my dad) and Hubby finished my beautiful floor, they moved on to the next project. A fence.

In the past we have had problems with people randomly cutting through our yard. Not only do I find this incredibly rude, I also think it unsafe, as this is a liability for us. And now that we have Dexter, a fence just makes a ton more sense. So, because both our neighbors on either side have fences along the side property line, all we needed was to put one across the back, and across the small sides along the house, to use our neighbors fences and make a large, square, fenced in back yard. Both neighbors gave us permission, because they are awesome neighbors and not at all the ones we have had issues with.

After a day and a half, my fence was done! I love it, it looks so.....English. I told Hubby I was going to start telling people I lived "down the lane".

The neighborhood kids were sad to see it go up, because they all want to see Dexter. If I see them out, and they are talking to me, I will ask them if they want to come in the yard to see him. So far they have been really good about asking and not just coming in, but I always remind them to ask, and only come in if they see us out and we say it is ok. They are good kids, and love to play with the dog, so I do not mind one bit, I just want to make sure everyone is safe, and Dexter does not get loose.

So anyway, we have a nice fenced in yard now, complete with doggie pool and new table and chairs. We have lots to do still, but we are slowly getting there!