Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shadow Box project

When our friends E and JKB got engaged in Paris, my friend J and I decided we wanted to get them a gift, to help commemorate the happy even. I mentioned that it might be fun to make them a shadow box. She was all for the idea, and suddenly our minds put together the most awesome plan ever.

There was a picture of them taken in front of the Eiffel Tower, and we found a large glittery Eiffel Tower sticker so we decided to overlay that on the picture to make the Tower come to life. Then, we found a scrapbooking kit that was engagement themed and in E's favorite colors. It was all coming together.

J painted the shadow box black, to make everything stand out and make it versatile for any room decor. Then, we got to work, laying out the design, making decisions about placement and theme. Finally, it was finished, and today, we got to give it to her, so I can finally post pictures for you all!

Congratulations you crazy kids, we love you!

If anyone wants more details about how we made this, let me know!