Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It Made My Day- Sheetz Run

Let me first apologize to any of my readers who are not blessed enough to live in an area that has a little slice of heaven know as Sheetz. Sheetz is, in a word, awesome.

For those not in the know, this is a gas station chain, with awesome made to order food. 7-11 got nuthin on this bad boy. I am lucky enough to live a few blocks from a Sheetz now, and we visit it pretty frequently. The food is good, and cheap, and I love their frozen coffee drinks.

So, when Hubby found the following video yesterday, we just about peed our pants laughing because, well, it is so completely accurate.

We laughed and laughed.

I remarked to Hubby how impressed I was, that the music was actually pretty good, and that it was pretty awesome that it did not have any profanity in it.

His response was, the only profanity needed when talkin 'bout Sheets is "DAAAAAAAAAAAAM that's a good hot dog". Oh how I love him.

So thank you 24 Bars (a bunch of guys from the Burgh I might add), your Sheetz Run made my day. And yes, after watching it, we made a Sheetz Run.