Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Celebrating Children project

*Note, you may want to click on the pictures in this post to get larger views, so as to have a better idea what this project was all about*

Many of my friends have kids, and a couple just recently had babies. While presents like clothes, toys, and diapers are nice, I prefer to make something more personal, a keepsake that the parents can show the little ones when they are older.

It all started with Miss Alex. Her first birthday was approaching, and the invitations to her party were the most beautiful pictures of her. I thought, I really should do something with this, for Alex and her mommy to enjoy as her birthday gift. So I took this.....

and turned it into this....

Materials included a wooden plaque, scrapbook paper, pink felt letter stickers, felt cupcake stickers, pink paint, Mid Podge, the invitation, adhesive photo squares, and a wooden display. I cut the white, pink, green, and purple paper to fit the plaque. Then I painted the whole plaque two coats of pink paint, so that the pink would show on the edges. While it dried, I laid out the design on the paper. I put the photo squares on the edge of the photo invitation, and pressed them to the paper, so the picture is not stuck to the paper, just the squares. This means the photo can be updated later if mommy wants too. Then I added the letters, cupcakes, and hearts. After the plaque's paint was dry, I brushed a coat of Mod Podge on the front of the plaque, and laid the paper on top. I smoothed out all bubbles, added extra Mod Podge to the corners to insure adhesion, and set it up to dry.

I was so totally thrilled with the outcome, I decided to make some more.

Next came Jack's.

Jack loves his green boots, so I knew this was one of the photos I wanted to use, and I found another photo where he had on a green shirt. I used the online photo editing software Picnik to do the black and white photo with the green spot color, and used a green and white motif for his plaque. The plaque is painted green, the paper is green and white, with green sparkly letter and green sparkly frog stickers.

Next, I moved on to gifts for newborn baby girls. Allison is the newest daughter of friends of ours in town, so I did hers next.

Once again, I painted the plaque pink. The paper was light pink and dark pink. I used the same pink felt letter and heart stickers, as well as some foam stickers in an "it's a girl' motif, and a picture of Alli and Mommy from the hospital. Once again, using Picnik, I made the photo black and white, and used spot color pink on the baby's hat.

The final plaque was for an out of town baby. Molly is the first child of a friend of mine who lives in a Chicago suburb, and I miss very much, so I wanted to surprise her with one as well. I decided to change the color palate to pink and yellow, and only later found out that Molly's nursery is yellow, so it worked well!
I painted the plaque yellow, then used the pink paper again. Once more I used the pink felt letters and hearts stickers, plus some adorable pink and yellow hand and footprint stickers. Then I used a photo of Molly in a sleeper with yellow duckies, and put a pink matte effect around it, using Picnik. In case you can not tell, I love that photo editing software, it is so awesome and easy to use. Make my pics look super professional!

So, this is what I was working on over the weekend. They were so fun to make! I hope all four mommies liked them, and know how much I love them, and appreciate the hard work they do as mommies. Your children are beautiful, just like you!

Hubby says I should custom make these and sell them on Etsy, marketing to daddies and hubbies who would pay well for such a special item. I am not sure if I will do that, but if anyone is ever interested, let me know, and we will talk!